Media Partners

KindCongress lists scientific conferences from all over the world keeping professional conference organizers (PCO), speakers and attendees up to date with the latest conferences from a wide range of sciences. Conferences register to be seen by potential attendees and speakers. And speakers can register to get invited by conferences.
WeCanServe is a premium magazine designed especially for oncology segment. Published in English, the magazine is issued every month. With subscription of more than 7000 copies, the magazine reaches top notch oncologist, cancer survivors, cancer care NGOs and many more. Shedding light on various topics like cancer survivor stories, medical, technology, food, travel, luxury fashion, automobile and more.
The medical tourism directory: Find the best prostate cancer surgery in Europe! is a platform that is dedicated to all medical doctors and allied health professionals who are looking to keep their knowledge up to date by finding the right educational sessions and getting the latest news updates in their field of practice. Our platform is open for advertising all healthcare related meetings, seminars, workshops, and conferences.
BrainAura is a close-knit team of experts who will take your career to new heights. We are a curated ecosystem of doctorates and industry leaders who fill knowledge and skill gaps in your path of career achievements. With value and quality in mind, we transform academic intelligentsia into industry-ready future professionals. We provide critical guidance on things that matter the most to aspirants - career guidance, international PhD application support, industry training, job referral networks, author or publication services and business start-up projects. In the long run, we can prove to be a game changer by elevating the global footprint of your research, academic, publishing and business pursuits in various domains. Our top-of-the-line scientists, post-docs, Ph.D. students, statisticians, patent experts, business professionals and thought leaders onboard hold stellar achievements under their belt. Each of them are key players from niche industries who bring a unique set of values to the table from their respective fields. With their expertise, they coach stakeholders across disciplines, industries, nationalities, cultures, languages and identities to catapult their goals and turn a corner.